AutoKeys 2.1

It is a desktop typing aid that eliminates repetitive and redious typing tasks
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PC Sentinel Software

PC Sentinel's AutoKeys! is a desktop typing aid that eliminates repetitive and redious typing tasks.
AutoKeys encrypts any information and takes the drudgery out of responding to customer service emails, completing forms, or any other grindingly repetitive data entry task. Just store any text into AutoKeys - with one click of the mouse you'll be able to automatically type that information into any form or email. Take advantage of the TAB feature to fill out all or part of a form with one-click! Your data is securely encrypted and Password Protected at your option.

Main Features :

- PC Sentinel's AutoKeys is always there when you need it! At your option, PC Sentinel's AutoKeys launches (minimized to the system tray) when your computer starts !
- Quick-Add Feature: Click the Quick-Add button to quickly set up your information. PC Sentinel's AutoKeys also comes with a full featured Admin tool for more in-depth work.
- Defeats keyloggers: PC Sentinel's AutoKeys does not use the keyboard, so keyloggers cannot know what is pasted into fields.
- Use the Admin tool to store your sensitive personal information in an easy to access hierarchical system.
- Admin tool allows easy ordering of information for your most convenient use.
- PC Sentinel's AutoKeys is completely skinnable ( you choose how AutoKeys looks on your desktop ).
- Advanced keylogger feature lets you record what you type and store in AutoKeys!
- Just seconds to install and get started!
- PC Sentinel's AutoKeys: Automatic Typing Macros! is Windows 2000/XP compatible

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